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Don't kiss in the dark


My best friend once kissed such a creature on the 1st of February 2015 at night the creature pretended to be her boyfriend and the creatures voice was sounding just as her boyfriends voice. So Her boy friend called her that same night and told her to wait for him in front of a school not close to town. The girl went to the school yard and stout there for about 45Minutes but her boyfriend wasn't there. 
      The after some few minutes that creature arrived the school yard and the girl was so excited. I She thought it was her boyfriend will the creature had also called his own girlfriend to meet him in the same place but his girlfriend wasn't there as well. So the creature was coming to the school yard talking to him self that {let call my girl and tell her that I'm already there.. So the girl just ran to this creature and hoged him 
      Guess what happened!!! 
 She just started kissing the creature and the creature also hold her tide thinking it was his girlfriend.. 

 When they had kiss for long then they wanted to quarrel each other for late coming that was when they realized.. That they were all wrong..

               Haha what a 4un.

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