some things You Need To Know About Life

1) Do you know that only you get the answers Questions created? Yes..
-no human is like you.
-no human thinks like you.
-no human knows exactly what
2)Do you know that you are always the first person to wish your self:
-Good Luck?
-Bad Luck?
Why? Because We Lack.
-Good Words dicleration.
3)Do You Know Why We Fail?
-Lack of Effort.
-Lack of Perseverance.
-Lack of Thinking Right.
4)Do You Know That You Have Everything Within You?
-But you can't take it out because you are confuse.
-You don't do anything from start to end. Thinking that what you are doing is not profitable.
5)Do You Know That There is Risk involve in every Single Trade(job) on Earth?
-So don't you abandone your job for another saying that it's Risky.
Take your time and Be use to with the risk involve in your job..
Because if you are looking for a perfect Job without risk you won't find one.

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