how to upload your website to cpane free

 how to upload your website to cpanel free

So many people find it very difficult to put their websites online . But while it is very easy.That is what i will be showing you right now just follow carefully.You can Just watch the video version up thee.

  1. Create a web hosting account either free or paid.
  2. Build you website put  them in a zip file .
  3. login to your hosting site cpanel .
  4. click on file manage
  5. click on Public_html
  6. click on upload at the top of you cpanel
  7. upload the zip file of your website
  8. go back to you cpanel home
  9. click on the zip file and check at the top of your cpanel and click on unzip then unzip the zip file.
  10. then you are done 
  11. then go to you browser and search your site url and see if your site will appear.

Now Your Website Is Online 

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