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   Sign Up To MoMoPays Now.

 MoMoPays Is An online   marketing website for   africa were you get paid   just for advertising their  products (eBooks) all you do is  to register with 3000frs and get access to your Dashboard then you can now copy your Affiliate link and share with all your Friends and Families even on social medias telling them about momopays to make them come and buy the ebook as well. 
If you are serious with MoMoPays You Can make 15000frs - 30000frs per week just as i and many others do.        You do not need a Bank Account or a Credit Card to mark money an get paid with MoMoPays all you need is your Mobile Money Account. Either MTN, Orange Or EU Mobile Money Account .You can make as much money as you can and your money is paid instantly on fridays to your account following you Cash  Out request .


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