Top 5 Video Editors For Android Phones

                             Top 5 video editors for Android phones

I understand that many people really like video production but they do not have enough money to afford a computer or a camera,  all they have is their phones. 
with good cameras . But still yet don't know the type of editors they can use with their phones. 
  Today i will list you the Top 5 free and paid video editors. I will start with the Top best. 
  1. Kinemaster. Is one of the best video editor for Android. It is free but the sad news is that it contains a watermark for the free version.  But the are slot of ways that you can take of the watermark. Or you can search and download the MOD version which contains no watermark, and works very well. 
  2. Viva Video. Viva video is also free but contains watermark,  which you can download the MOD version for free nor watermark. 
  3. Filmora Go. Filmora is free but contains watermark for free version. 
  4. Power Director. Power director is free but contains watermark that can be removed. 
  5. Adobe Premiere Clip.  Adobe premiere clip is free with no watermark. 
All this apps can be found in Google Play store, but the MOD versions Will be found in Google Search .
 If you want to search the MOD versions make sure you include MOD at the end of all the app name. 
- example : Kinemaster free MOD version.apk .
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If you need help on how to remove the watermarks just comment below and I will make  a short video for you. 
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