How to Properly Share a post on Facebook.

How to Properly Share a post on Facebook. 
In this post I'm going to tell you how you can properly share a post on Facebook,  I decided to write this post because I have discovered that that most people on Facebook don't know how to Share or Reshare a post properly on Facebook,  
    For example I have seen many people on Facebook share posts that you can't  see any of the post contents, and that is probably because they Shared a post post that has been shared by someone, Which such post can't be visible on Facebook, all you can see from this type of shared posts is the name of the people who first shared the post, including the small text the person wrote on on it before share,  if only this person wrote any on it. 
     Disadvantages of sharing Secondary shared post ( already shared post) 
  1. Your Shared posts contents won't be visible on Facebook. 

  2. Your Friends won't see what you shared. 

  3. The Post won't get any reactions

How to share properly 
  • Make sure the post you want to share has not been shared by someone 

  • If you see a post that is nice and you want to share it first of all check if it is a shared post or not 

  • If it is a shared post click on the post or the picture especially if the post is a profile picture, then it shall take you to the primary post that is good for sharing, but if this above methods don't take you to the real post, 

  • Then check at the top of the post in front of the person who shared the post's name,  there you will see Post or Photo then tap on the small word Post or Photo then it will take you to the real post that you can share without any problems.

  •  But if it you don't see all this you can go to the profile of the real poster for the real post. 

Thank you very much for reading,  I hope this post is helpful to you, If you have any questions or suggestions please leave it in the comments form below, or you get to us through our contract page, 

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