Music is not a good business in Cameroon

🛑ADVICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I am not here to harm anybody or talk against anybody's hussle.But I must talk what I see and it's not goid so up comers wunt suffer from the cankerworm.Yes I am making my point Clean and clear. 🛑Music is not a career in Cameroon.Cameroon is still far back to ever dream of adding Music into the career list.This is because I see many Youths Dying of hunger not because they dont work but because all this money is been enjoyed by their so called producers. I know of a Lil boy who have been selling bedspreads and so many of my friends who work very hard under the rain and under the sun,do all sorts of odd jobs in Douala, and Yaoundé for more than a year now and all his savings are been used for the music shit.He sleeps on the floor in a plank house and barely has a square meal a day all in the name of music and so called up coming artist. 🛑I propose we do Music as a passion,hobby or as part time not as a Career our youths are all musicians.Who us now a fan?.Let's hussle n feed our parent back at home. 🛑I say so because I have not seen any excelling Cameroonian who has made it through Music.So my fellow youths ,let's not be deceived the industry is not suitable here in Cameroon for the morment,our economy first of all is Not the Best.i know of lil boys who who hussle sweat day n night and can't pay a single bill of theirs fir the sake of Music Audio and video which at the end of the day we have 70likes on YouTube which you hv spent more than 500 thousands fir the project. 🛑think of it.,we can use that money to excell in our petit petit business and make the future bright for our families. My Dear Youths Music is not yet a career in Cameroon.i know it's your Dream but you Dreaming in the wrong place.lets wake up from our slumbers and stop feeding laptop men who use futulip poor stuffs.To me it's a scam.hussle bro n eat ya money. Dis is also equally fir the wise.

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